Crewspark Analytics

Automated Big Data for your business
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Greater value through automation

Crewsparks uniquely interconnected platform provides services and tools for the whole range of analytics and support teams involved in collecting and processing data for analysis.

The platform focuses on carrying out the heavy lifting of data analytics, enabling downstream teams to focus on answering the fine-grained questions pertinent to your business.

The Crewspark Platform

The platform consists of the following inter-linked services:

Collection & Monitoring

Seamlessly create and configure connections to multiple data sources and monitor their performance and the reliability of the retrieved data.

Processing & Storage

Crewspark applies best practice techniques in data processing including map reduce and dependency management to ensure the most efficient method of data collection.

Access & Reporting

Gain access to data via the Reports Dashboard, the secure api or simply downloading the raw data directly from the web application.

Rich, Interactive User Interface

The Crewspark platform is beautifully designed and crafted to provide the most useful and responsive experience possible for both technical and business users.

Store Searchable Data

The storage model uses both long-term raw storage as well as direct indexing with an internal search engine ensuring that the platform has ready access to both the raw and processed files as well as searchable data on demand.

Custom Reports

The Reports Dashboard enables a user to create custom reports across all configured data sources for both time-series and snapshot (single point in time) analysis.

Data Confidence

Being confident with data is the lifeblood of analytical systems. Crewspark provides a single calculated metric for all collected data (as well as individually by source) to quickly measure how reliable and timely the latest processed data is.