The Collaborative Data Platform

Stop collecting and cleaning data...start harnessing it

  • Access 5000+ prepared data sources via a secure API
  • Create or share pipelines to crunch data on-demand
  • Integrate seamlessly with your existing Big Data platform
  • Benefit from sources and models created by other Data
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Model Categories :
SaaS Platform

An open data service leveraging Crewspark's own cloud and data warehousing platform

Crewspark For Enterprise

On-premises deployment integrated directly with your big data environment

  • Leverage Crewspark's own cloud platform and connect remotely for data access
  • Focus on data collection and leverage Crewspark for data warehousing
  • Connect via the secure API

  • Connect to Hadoop or other noSQL platforms internally
  • Leverage Crewspark's application and data orchestration platform for your organization
  • Scale as needed according to your own needs, Crewspark scales with you

Data Transparency

Understanding the analytical dependencies for any business is at the forefront of Crewspark's purpose to provide transparency in complex operating environments.

An understanding of data dependencies plays a key role in buisness resiliency and maturity.

A Foundation in Dev Ops

We believe that large scale engineering must be complimented equally with monitoring and control.

Without that approach, Big data platforms can quickly become big problems.

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Greater value through Automation

The platform focuses on carrying out the heavy lifting of data collecting, cleansing and storing. This enables BI teams and data scientists to focus on answering the more pertinent questions for your business.

Ingestion & Cleansing

Quickly connect to multiple remote data sources, ingest data seamlessly and clean as it's collected.

Access the raw and cleaned versions via the api.

Storage & Monitoring

Crewspark versions everything collected and acts like a time-machine for your data.

Monitoring all connections for volume and timeliness means that we can derived metrics for reliabilitiy and SLAs.

Access & Integration

Crewspark provides access to the platform via the user-interface and secure API.

Crewspark Enterprise connects seamlessly with your current Hadoop or other noSQL platform.

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